Ladies of Harley

lohlogoTrudie 114

Welcome to ‘Ladies of Harley’

Ladies of Harley was established to encourage women to become more active within The  Harley Owners Group (HOG) and their local chapters. It is not a separate organization, but rather another part of the benefits of HOG. It is not a group of woman trying to separate from the men, but rather trying to encourage more women to be involved in an activity that was traditionally male dominated.
More and more women are moving from the passenger seat to their own bikes and we are here to represent our female members within the committee and make sure everyone has the opportunity to be involved with our activities, events, gatherings and rideouts.
Anyone can join… It is important to know that our LOH members do NOT have to be motorcycle riders, you can simply be an enthusiastic passenger who is willing to participate a little or a lot – the choice is yours.

A group for everyone… Our LoH group is active within Three Rivers HOG Chapter in organising events that encourages everyone to get together and have fun. We are a very social bunch, so not all events involve being on bikes, but whatever we organise is for all members, not just the ladies. However, some activities might appeal to some more than others! So remember, If you ride your own or you are a passenger, you are still a lady of Harley. Please join us for discussions, questions, or just comments on how you feel as part of the Harley family. Share with us your ideas for ways to make our Ladies of Harley fun and interesting for women.