Welcome to the III Rivers UK Chapter of the Harley-Davidson Owners Group.

The chapter was formed in 2002 and we were originally sponsored by Tagger Harley-Davidson fortunately the chapter has out lived the dealership that closed about 4 years later. HOG UK have taken the place of our sponsor dealer since then and we continue to be an official HOG chapter. Because of the lack of dealership we have become resourceful in finding ways to keep the membership together and we are pleased to boast that 90% of our members are regular supporters of organised events and rides.

We meet every week at the Royal British Legion in Harpenden and the Legion has been our home now for about six years. Being an orphan chapter is both a blessing and sometimes a curse but we have learned to work hard and keep our members interested and involved. We organise regular rides some of these will be just a few hours and some will be a long weekend and everything in between so we hope that there will be something for everyone. Rides are organised and ridden with safety and enjoyment in mind and open to riders of all abilities, these rides are led by experienced riders assisted by competent Road Captains. We meet every week at a pub for a social gathering throughout the year and these pubs change so that we move around our patch.

The chapter is run by a committee of members who give up their free time to enable the chapter to provide a good variety of events for our members. We are a friendly group of people with two aims, to enjoy riding with likeminded people and have fun.

MartinRide Safe
Martyn Coote
Director III Rivers UK Chapter Harley-Davidson Owners Group